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A full standard compliant X3D/VRML browser!

Arch Linux User Repository Available

Leipzig, 29. October 2016: Thanks to user naraesk there is now an AUR package available for the a Arch Linux distribution.

More information on how to install the AUR package for Titanita can be found at our Download page.

Titania 2.0.1 released

Leipzig, 10. October 2016: We just released Titania 2.0.1 for all Ubuntu flavours! This is the first release in the stable Titania 2.0 series. This release, as well as Cobweb, implements dynamic shadows as shown in the video below. Have a look at Dynamic Shadows in Cobweb for a live demonstration. Try Titania today to see what you can do with it.

Highlights of this Release

Video of dynamic shadows in Titania

For Titania SpotLight nodes, DirectionalLight nodes, and PointLight nodes, there is a shadow subsection in the light’s Attribute Editor. You can adjust the shadow color, the shadow intensity, the shadow diffusion, and the shadow map size. Titania then automatically creates shadow maps to render the desired shadow.

Highlights of the previous Release

Shot One

The Transform Tool has become overhauled and is now even more flexible than it ever was before.

Shot Two

The new Background Editor lets you adjust backgrounds in a very comfortable way now.

Shot Three

The brand new Geometry Editor is ready for release and provides you with basic geometry editing operations.

A full standard X3D/VRML browser for Ubuntu

Titania is a is a fast, powerful and highly interactive full standard X3D/VRML editor that also works as standalone browser for all flavours of Ubuntu. Titania competely supports the Moving Worlds specification for VRML 2.0 and most parts of the X3D 3.3 specification. Titania is freely downloadable for any usage and licensed under the GPL3. See the documentation to learn how Titania works.

Core features

  • Lightweight implementation of X3D without additional gadgets and foreign nodes
  • Fully conforms with the specification
  • Complete VRML 2.0 support including advanced prototyping support
  • Complete X3D/VRML JavaScript support
  • Support of modern 3D accelerators via OpenGL
  • Advanced rendering: layering, mipmapping, reflection mapping and enhanced, customizable anti-aliasing

Featured Project: Cobweb WebGL X3D Browser

Cobweb is the new WebGL X3D Browser for Firefox that implements a high-performance X3D player in open-source JavaScript. Authors can publish X3D source within an HTML5 page that works with Web browsers without prior plugin installation. Titania and Cobweb are designed to work seamlessly together.

X3D Examples Library


A new examples library is now available at GitHub. Most of them are found on the Internet and are provided »as is«. They run fine with the latest version of Titania and Cobweb. We collected a lot of examples from simple to advanced worlds. If you want to download a single sub-directory you can use GitHub's svn support:

svn export https://github.com/create3000/Library/trunk/Examples/Astronomy

Copy and paste the line above into a terminal and replace the sub-directory with the directory of your choice. But now, have fun with watching and listening!

X3D International Standards

Titania is based on the the X3D International Standard and this standard is available online on web3d.org on the pages listed below. You can read there all about node types and JavaScript functions and properties available. A full list of supported node types is available here.

X3D Specifications

Language bindings

X3D Examples