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Cobweb Version 2

Cobweb 2.6 Released

Leipzig, 16. December 2016: Just in time before X-mas we finally released version 2.6 now. This version implements the JavaScript function toXMLString on SFNode fields. The output is well formated and specification compliant. Cobweb extended the X3D specification and implements this function on MFNode fields, X3DProtoDeclaration objects, X3DExternProtoDeclaration objects, and even X3DScene object. With this extended functionality it is now possible to output the whole scene graph at once. In short, it is clear that this functionality will be also available in Titania.

Finally I wish you all and your families
a very, very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all,

Cobweb 2.5 Released

Leipzig, 2. December 2016: We finally released version 2.5 now. This version fixes a fatal bug in prototype named node handling and is the official version for the XHTML DOM integration plug-in version 0.8.

Cobweb 2.4 Released

Leipzig, 8. November 2016: We finally released version 2.4 now. This version implements browser option »enableInlineViewpoints« for the cobweb_dom plugin. Anchor nodes load urls with a target other than »_self« now and we could fix a rare but fatal bug with MovieTexture nodes. Additionally the X3DCanvas attributes are now observerd and can be changed dynamically via JavaScript.

Cobweb 2.3 Released

Leipzig, 21. October 2016: We finally released version 2.3 now. This version fixes an issue of the context menu for multiple <X3DCanvas> elements, ie. multiple browsers on one web page are now officially supported and an issue with XHTML CORS images, video and audio is fixed, they should load now fine on XHTML pages.

Cobweb 2.2 Released

Leipzig, 20. October 2016: We finally released version 2.2 now. This version implements all vertex attributes, ie. the Shaders component is now more complete. Learn how to use custom shaders. We fixed a fatal bug in imported nodes, thus the IMPORT statement is now finally working at all. Additionally we found a solution for cloned pointing device sensors, so almost all nodes can be cloned, except ParticleSystem nodes and now the fullscreen menu item does always work in Chrome and Opera.

Cobweb 2.1 Released

Leipzig, 3. October 2016: We finally released version 2.1 now. This version is the first hot and fresh update for Microsoft Edge Browser. To let Cobweb run in Microsoft Edge we had to modify Cobweb a little bit, but this changes will led to an even more cross browser compatibility.

Cobweb 2.0 Released

Leipzig, 27. September 2016: There is a major change in Cobweb for version 2.0, instead of the <X3D> tag, authors must now use the <X3DCanvas> tag. It is much cleaner and more specification conforming to not use the <X3D> tag since the X3D element is already specified in the X3D XML encoding standard as root element. This means if you want to use version 2.0 with existing HTML5 pages, you must replace the <X3D> tag by the <X3DCanvas> tag. Don't forget to update your CSS, too! Learn how to embed Cobweb within a webpage now.

Additionally we have reworked the internal traverse functions and could optimize them very much. Cobweb is now 20 % up to 30 % faster if the scene contains a lot of objects. Besides this, ParticleSystem nodes now also draw shadows and correctly handle transparent geometry nodes now.

An important change has become the walk viewer. The walk viewer is now always subject to the gravitation regardless whether there is a floor under the viewer or not. Use the fly viewer if you do not wish that the viewer is being attracted by the gravitation.

Andeas Plesch wrote a nice plugin for Cobweb to support HTML DOM integration. It is hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/andreasplesch/cobweb_dom. In the »tests« directory there are some examples how to use it.

Cobweb Version 1

Cobweb 1.28 Released

Leipzig, 20. Sptember 2016: With its new and up to date version 1.28, Cobweb implements dynamic shadows now.


For a live demonstration have a look at:

Cobweb 1.27 Released

Leipzig, 10. September 2016: We finally released Cobweb version 1.27 now. This release fixes a issue with particle rendering, a issue in StaticGroup is fixed if a ProximitySensor is inside the group. We fixed an issue in Text when length and maxExtent are applied. A great change has come for shader writers, the defined constants are now built-in.