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X3D Editor

About Titania

Use Titania to create standard complient X3D/VRML worlds for publishing on the World Wide Web and for creating stand alone applications. Titania fully supports the Moving Worlds specification for VRML 2.0 and many parts of the X3D specification.

Titania aims to provides you with powerful tools to compose complex objects and create exciting, animated and interactive worlds. Use existing 3D modelling programs like Blender or Maya to create polygonal or NURBS objects that can easily imported into Titania and then arranged and made interactive. Use Cobweb to publish your content to the Internet.

Where to go from here

To learn about the basic editing features for composing a world, jump to Selecting and Grouping Objects.

For a quick tutorial to learn about the basics of X3D, jump to the X3D Hello World Tutorial.

For a complete list of supported node types, jump to Supported Nodes.

To read the manual page of x3dtidy, jump to x3dtidy.

Conventions Used

Choose File > Save means to choose Save from the File pull-down menu.

Ctrl-u means to press the Ctrl key and the u key at the same time.

To click means to quickly press and release the left mouse button.

To drag means to press and hold down the indicated mouse button (the left button if none is indicated).

To click-middle means to click the middle mouse button.

To click-right means to click the right mouse button.

All standard icons are from the Faenza Icon Theme, you might have similar icons.