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X3D Editor

Color Per Vertex Editor

Find it: Click the Paint Polygons menu item from the Object menu while a object is selected.

Drag the cursor over the buttons in the editor for quick help (a message appears right beside the cursor describing what the button does).

The Color Per Vertex Editor works with the Color Editor. The Color Editor appears when you click the large color button.

Use Pick mode  to select and load a color to the color editor or select a color within the palette.

Use the paint mode to add color to polygons. Note: Paint works continuously during a drag.

Use the Edit menu to undo and redo color changes (or use Ctrl-z and Shift-Ctrl-z).


  • You must convert your model to an IndexedFaceSet bevor you can edit it with the Color Per Vertex Editor. Use the Hammer  button to convert.
  • Before you click Apply, you can remove all unused color if you select Edit > Remove Unused Colors.
  • If your polygon object has so many polygons that applying color to multiple vertices becomes a problem, consider editing the polygon object so that it has fewer polygons.