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X3D Editor

Supported Nodes

Below is a full index of supported node types. Titania provides the full VRML standard which is a subset of X3D. The VRML specification of these node types and what fields are supported can be access on web3d.org under the VRML Node Reference page.

Beside the full VRML standard a lot of X3D node types are also already supported. All nodes are implemented as described in the X3D Specification, ie. reading the specification is a major step to understand how Titania works.




Script nodes support to 100 % the X3D ECMAScript standard that means JavaScipt is enabled by default. JavaScript is implemented with the Mozilla SpiderMokey JavaScript Engine. Take a look on the Mozilla Developer Center JavaScript Reference for more information on JavaScript.

For further information to the X3D ECMAScript language binding see http://www.web3d.org/documents/specifications/14772/V2.0/part1/javascript.html and www.web3d.org/documents/specifications/19777-1/V3.0/Part1/functions.html on web3d.org.

* Partial implemented

* Blue colored nodes are implemented and become available in the next stable release.