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Why should I donate?

The Create3000 association provides the infrastructure to support the development efforts of Titania and Cobweb X3D Browser. This includes software maintenance, hardware, code repositories, bug tracking systems, web servers, and so on. There's a significant financial cost associated with providing these services, both in infrastructure costs - bandwidth, electricity, cooling, and so on - and in paying the administrative staff that do the day-to-day maintenance of the services.

Donations, both from individuals and corporations, are the only way that we have to offset these costs.

Remember, of course, that as a volunteer-based organization, the Create3000 association stands most in need of volunteers who can work on software, documentation, or administrative tasks within each project. If you have the available time to contribute, then that's the best thing you can give - volunteer contributions from both individuals and corporate entities are the lifeblood of the association.

If I donate financially, where would my donations go?

Currently, the bulk of our financial obligations are going towards providing our technical infrastructure - the staff and servers that are required. The association also provides legal support for our projects, therefore, it is often required to obtain qualified legal counsel about issues that arise. Other costs include marketing, and the paperwork of running a non-profit association.

The Create3000 assn. is a non-profit organization.

Every contribution is welcome. By making regular contributions on a monthly, yearly, or other basis, you will help Titania and Cobweb to become more better, more robust more complete. By using Titania and Cobweb for your projects investing in Titania and Cobweb means investing in your projects.