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X3D Editor

Version 0.4.0

It's release day and we have a brand new version for you. Version 0.4 comes with a completely reworked Outline Editor and a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can get the latest files from the download page. Remember, official releases start with an even number after the first point.

Highlights of this release

Reworked Outline Editor, this includes live editing of field values. Better presentation of fields by showing the access type and route connection. Route connection can be shown by clicking the expander of a field while pressing the Shift-Key. Selection of a node works now (double click a node) and shows a bounding box around the object selected.

Implemented browser option dashboard. The dashboard now shows a navigation type menu button of the current bound NavigationInfo.

X3DTimeDependentNode (TimeSensor, AudioClip and MovieTexture) now support pauseTime, resumeTime and elapsedTime field.

Prototypes now fully support multiple IS statements.

Beside this a lot of stability bug fixes are in:
Better JavaScript support with null object and undefined value handling. Fixing SFRotation .setAxis function.

Better url handling and this includes a new menu point 'Open location...' under the file menu for quick access of internet files.

Better memory management. Free memory is now released back to the system.

We’re pretty optimistic that these latest bug-fixes should be free of surprises. Nevertheless if you are aware of unexpected behaviour please file a bug.