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X3D Editor

Version 0.6.0

This is the first release in the stable 0.6 series. Yes it is only a few month ago since the last stable release. This release requires at least Ubuntu 13.10. Please follow our instructions for installing on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Titania comes now with basic editing functionalty. This includes basic grouping functions, undo/redo, delete, cut/copy/paste of nodes, view and editing of routes in the OutlineEditor, selection of objects in the browser window, full working transform tool. To enable this select View > Workspaces > Editor in the menu.

Negative and zero scale factors are now implemented and can be used to achive a mirror effect or to hide objects.

There is a new viewer arrived the Plane Viewer. Enable the Plane Viewer by setting the type field of a NavigtionInfo node to "PLANE_create3000.de". The Plane Viewer is especially useful for 2D scenes.

New node types

For a full list of supported nodes see the documentation page.