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X3D Editor

Version 0.6.5

This is the fifth release in the stable 0.6 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy). Please follow our instructions for installing on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Titania comes now with the complete Geospatial component. Besides this StaticGroup is now working like the Group node. ComposedShader supports now FloatVertexAttribute, Matrix3VertexAttribute and Matrix4VertexAttribute.

The OutlineEditor comes now with clone support. Two new function are now implemented: »Create Clone« and »Unlink Clone«. Check out the documentation to learn how cloning works.

New node types

  • GeoCoordinate
  • GeoElevationGrid
  • GeoLocation
  • GeoLOD
  • GeoMetadata
  • GeoOrigin
  • GeoPositionInterpolator
  • GeoProximitySensor
  • GeoTouchSensor
  • GeoTransform
  • GeoViewpoint
  • StaticGroup
  • FloatVertexAttribute
  • Matrix3VertexAttribute
  • Matrix4VertexAttribute

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug with unresponsible OutlineEditor when dialog was open.
  • Fixed bug with viewers when avatar height was not default.
  • Fixed bug with unnormalized rotations after multiplication.