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X3D Editor

Version 0.6.6

This is the sixth release in the stable 0.6 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy). Please follow our instructions for installing on the download page.

Highlights of this release

This release is mainly a bug fix release.

New Features

  • Pos1, End PageUp and PageDown keys are now working.

Fixed Bugs

  • Inline now is now more robust on heavy load.
  • Fixed various bugs in Geospatial component.
  • JavaScript function SFNode.prototype.getFieldDefinitions is now memory save.
  • Non loaded ExternProtos are now correctly initialized when needed.
  • Fixed markup error in OutlineEditor.
  • Fixed fatal crash with ExamineViewer.
  • Fixed fatal crash in x3dtidy on startup.

Known Issues

  • MovieTexture has a memory leak because of GStreamer.