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X3D Editor

This is the second release in the stable 0.7 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty). Please follow our instructions for installing on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Titania comes with a brand new Material Editor. The editor updates itsself now when external material changes occur. It has a enhanced preview widget that automatically switches between Material and TwoSidedMaterial preview. For better material control the user can select »Sphere-Preview« or »Dragon-Model-Preview«. Beside this materials can know be copy & pasted. Additionally a Geometry Properties Editor is added to the Toolbar. With this editor it is now possible to easily change common geometry properties like solid, ccw, convex and creaseAngle fields of X3DGeometryNodes. Also the texCoord field can know be edited to contain a TextureCoordinateGenerator node.

New features

  • New Material Editor.
  • New Geometry Properties Editor.
  • Copy & Paste of materials.
  • Slightly faster startup.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixes drawing issue with selection in Outline Editor.
  • Fixes lost nodes when selecting»Detach From Group«.

Known Issues

  • TextureCoordinateGenerator only supports SPHERE, CAMERASPACENORMAL, CAMERASPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR, COORD_EYE and COORD modes. Any other mode is not implemented and the default SPHERE mode is then selected.