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X3D Editor

This is the fouth release in the stable 0.7 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty). Please follow our instructions for installing on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Titania has now an integrated Script Editor that can be found in the footer section, this editor is based on the GtkSourceViewWidget, i.e. all users of GEdit will be very familiar with this editor. The well known Material Editor is now renamed into Appearance Editor to reflect the addition of the possiblity now to edit FillProperties and LineProperties. Don't forget Shaders can be edited with the Node Properties Editor. A new Node Index Dialog was added for quick access to named nodes. Movie Texture Editor and Image Texture Editor have now an integrated url widget that makes it easy to add and remove, load and reorder files. Beside this a lot lot bugs are fixed which affect the user interface and interaction.

The Node Properties Editor can be used to add and remove user-defined fields to/from Script nodes.

New features

  • New Script Editor .
  • New Appearance Editor.
  • New LOD Editor.
  • New Inline Editor.
  • New Node Index.
  • New URL widget.


Fixed Bugs

  • Fixes big issue with large files in Outline Editor when much nodes are expanded and a selection was made.