Future to the fantasy ★ ★
X3D Editor

This is the fifth release in the stable 0.7 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty). Please follow carefully our installation instructions on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Titania has now an »Layout« menu where two brand new Grids can be activated. A rectangular grid and a angle grid. The grids are primary designed as construction aid for easy and precision placement of objects. To adjust the grid to your needs you can open a brand new advanced »Grid Properties Editor«. A lot of new editor are added to the Precision Placement Panel this includes editors for Viewport, GeoLocation, Billboard and Layout nodes. A new »New Tab / Recently Opened Files« page, completely programmed in X3D, can now be found under the »File« menu. We introduce a new »Hammer Tool« to smash geometry nodes into a more primitive geometry, for instance from Sphere to IndexedFaceSet down to PointSet.

Angle Layout Tool

New features

  • Multi tab editing/browsing
  • Grid and Angle Layout  Tool
  • New Tab / Recently Opened Files Page
  • Overhauled browser mode with new toolbar
  • Material Palette with lots of pre-defined materials
  • Layout Editor
  • Viewport Editor
  • Billboard Editor
  • Geo Location Editor
  • Hammer Tool to smash geometry nodes
  • More library textures
  • More library models
  • Alias Wavefront Object File converter

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issue with broken download stream with lage files.
  • Fixed crash in some cases with large files.