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X3D Editor

This is the seventh release in the stable 0.7 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic). Please follow our installation instructions on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Leipzig 18. March 2015: Titania, a free, open source, specification conform X3D Graphics authoring tool and browser for Ubuntu, has released today the new bug fix version 0.7.7.  This release is primary a bug fix release.

Transparent objects are now rendered twice. This gives nicer results. The image below shows the differences on a sample object.

New features

  • NEW X3Dom teaser animation created with Titania on our website.
  • Faster selection of objects.
  • Nicer transparency for non-solid objects.
  • Use null object in ECMAScript for NULL nodes representation as specified by X3D.
  • Implemented SFMatrix3d/f setTransform and getTransform.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issue with PROTO's in OutlineEditor, they have been initialized by mistake.
  • Fixed bug with cloned LOD's.
  • Fixed bug in ColorPerVertexEditor when loading ColorRGBA nodes.