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X3D Editor

This is the eighth release in the stable 0.7 series. This release requires at least Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic). Please follow our installation instructions on the download page.

Highlights of this release

Leipzig 16. April 2015: Titania, a free, open source, specification conform X3D Graphics authoring tool and browser for Ubuntu, has released today a new version 0.7.8.  This release is primary a bug fix release.

New features

  • Precision Placement Panel has now an own documentation page on our website.
  • x3dtidy can now convert between .x3d and .x3dv files back and forth.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug with undo of bbox fields in Precision Placement Panel.
  • Fix bug with wronly set rotation values if using input widget in Precision Placement Panel.
  • Fix fatal crash with x3dtidy in rare cases when a node has a texture applied. As side effect, this makes x3dtidy slightly faster.
  • Fixed bug with TouchSensor when Text with ScreenFontStyle is selected.
  • Fixed bug with pointing device sensor nodes and multiple layers.
  • Fixed bug when exporting x3d file with Viewpoint anchor url.
  • Fixed bug with XML export of CDATA Script urls.